1ex TOKEN: Your key to the 1EX Trading Ecosystem

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1EX Trading Board: cutting-edge technologies for all your trading demands


AI news

News feed and sentiment analysis powered by AI

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Trading Terminal

Trading terminal with cutting-edge tools

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Powerful math-based algotrading platform

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1EX Token Utilities: all the best features with one token

Token-powered product access
High-yield staking
Access to premium board features
Loyalty programs and rewards
Discount on trade commissions and annual subscription
Early access to new features

Token distribution: gradual vesting and limited circulation lead to the company’s capitalization growth

Circulation supply market cap $27M
marketing 8.00%
pre-seed round 4.00%
ADVISORs 6.00%
strategic partnerships 15.00%
Liquidity 10.00%
Private round 4.00%
seed round 6.00%
Future round 15.00%
core team 12.00%
ecosystem rewards 20.00%


Q1 2024

1EX AI News release

TOP Tier MM partnerships

Q2 2024

1EX Terminal release

5+ exchanges connected to the terminal

1EX token listing on a new exchange

Access to all annual subscriptions with a 1EX utility token

Q3 2024

Trading competitions

Algostrategies integrated into the 1EX Terminal

Volatility prediction indicators

10+ exchanges connected to the Terminal

High-yield staking

Q4 2024

Support and Resistance indicator feature release

Crypto industry correlation indicator release

Trading commission discounts for 1EX token holders

1EX affiliate: brokerage programs for top tier exchanges

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FAQ: get all the answers

What is a 1ex token?

1ex token is a utility token that grants full access to the features of the 1ex Trading Board and the 1ex ecosystem.

What are the main utilities of a 1ex token?

1ex tokens offer a variety of benefits to holders, including:Token-powered product access, high-yield staking, access to premium trading board features, loyalty programs and rewards, discount on trade commissions and annual subscriptions, early access to new features.

Where can I buy 1ex tokens?

Currently, 1ex tokens are only traded on MEXC - https://www.mexc.com/exchange/1EX_USDT

Where can I find information about 1ex tokenomics?


What is the current price of a 1ex token?